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Clowns Abound at All Occasion Performers and we are proud to represent some the Best Clowns around Town.  What makes our Clowns so special?  They are professional Clowns whose business is all about Clowning and all the skills that make a Clown “A Clown.”  Our Clowns can delight your audience with juggling, magic, balloons, face painting, unicycling, stilt walking, puppets, acts of stupidity, comedy routines, small shows, large shows and of course, MUCH, MUCH  MORE. 

Highly adaptable, our Clowns can be bigger than life, or just as easily entertain in the background while other events are going on.  They are skilled at reaching different ages in the audience at the same time.  They look the part and act the part in just the right balance – never scary, just the right amount of fun, energy, and zaniness. So for that Event that calls for a Clown…then look no further….HERE THEY ARE! 

Check on our Clown Gallery to see more clowns….

Read on about some of our featured Clowns: 



Tharpo The Clown

All Occasion Performers is the home of Tharpo the Clown, our renowned crowd pleasing “All Arounder.”  Never at a loss for words and with a steady stream of puns and jokes (we haven’t found anyone who can keep up with him yet!), Tharpo is considered one of the top entertainers in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. He is known for his professionalism, respected for his integrity, envied for his boundless energy, and remembered for the laughter that follows in his wake. 

So when “Versatility is the Key” to your next event, then consider getting Tharpo – the clown who does it all. Click here to read more about Tharpo and all his amazing talents! 

  • Clown
  • Juggler
  • Stiltwalker
  • Elf
  • Costume characters
  • Balloon animals
  • Unicyclist
  • Face Painting
  • and much, much more!
  • Tharpo





    Silly Clown

    Another All Occasion Performers favorite clown is our Silly Clown who has been entertaining for over 20 years. You may have seen him at your local Day Care School or Library, performing his “Silly Stuff” Clown Show. He is a specialist in comedy magic, juggling, balloons, plate spinning, and balancing tricks.  A natural clown who brings out the child in all ages, He will keep your audience thoroughly entertained with his mix-match humor, buffoonery, and of course all that “silly stuff”. 



    Pixie the Clown is quite an artist in the field of entertainment.  Having perfected her talents in the world of clowning, she achieved success in the circus, commercials, and even her own TV program.  She has been awarded many accolades for her performances and illusion shows.  Pixie has been selected for many years as “A Young Audiences’ Artist.”  When she is not clowning, you can find her working on new ways to bring the joy of magic, costumes, and other specialty tricks to her audiences. 

    Balance Clown

    Bilingual Clown

    This amazing clown hails from Mexico and is a top entertainer using puppets, magic, balancing, juggling and loads of fun to make your event the best ever. In the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex he is a favorite with his bilingual abilities and amusing shows. 



    Fun Clown

    Our Fun Clown is one of those rare individuals who mix imagination and creativity. She brings all this talent to her specialty of face painting and balloon artistry. She is always a favorite for birthday parties, block parties, festivals, day cares, and restaurants. Call and see if she is available for your fun event. 


    Roly The Clown

    Comedy Magic
    The World's Smallest Bike!
    Balloon Art
    Party Music
    Rope Spinning
    Rope & Card Magic

    Check on our Clown Gallery to see more clowns….

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