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Costume Characters

All Occasion Performers is now joined by a wonderful group of Costume Characters. 

These performers are also talented in all the other skills you might need – games with kids, music to dance to, balloons, face painting, and magic.

So when your event calls for a “special” character – one from a favorite movie, comic book, or a classic tale….let us help you pick your favorite Costume Character – one that will fit your themed event and delight your crowd of all ages.

To see more pictures of our costume characters Click here






Costume Girl

This entertainer delights in an everyday world of “Girlness.”

She can be the Pink Action Girl, Sports Girl, or even an Imaginary Explorer Girl. 

Magic, Balloons, Face Painting and even a real bunny can be found in her bag of tricks. 

Check out the Gallery and see her many personalities.

To go to our Gallery Click here


Costume Girl

Action Man

Action Man

These entertainers are the perfect “Heroes” for the little guys.

And while flying might be a little out of their league, they will be sure to impress your crowd with their action hero ways and of course, entertaining skills. 

Don’t let your party be without an action man!

See the Gallery for more Heroes, Click here to go to the Gallery now.







Avast, Are your mateys looking for an adventure party? Then Pirates it should be! 

Every boy and girl will be delighted by the fun action entertainment by these “Sea Loving” Buccaneers. 

You won’t have to chase us down to find this treasure trove of Pirates, we’ll be making ourselves ready for you!!! 

Call before the next ship goes out!!!

To go to our Gallery to see more Pirate pictures, Click here



This magical, colorful world of Princesses is the highlight of every girl’s dream. 

Choose from our many Princesses – they are always enchanting and bring the “spirit of everything nice” to your event. 

Can’t decide who is your favorite?  Our gallery will reveal the royal lineage.

Isn’t it nice, some things never change and we are delighted to provide that “happy ever after” Princess for your event.

To go to our Gallery to see more Princess pictures, Click here


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