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Have you ever wondered what the difference is when it comes to clown entertainers? You probably thought one clown was just the same as another clown.  However, in the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex you will find a variety of clown entertainers.  So for the fun of it let me give you my thoughts about what a professional clown is.

A true professional clown loves what they do, is on time, has a clean reputation, and believes clowning is their career for life.  They take pride in appearing at an event and doing their best job.  Even though they might have many years of experience, they continue to hone their professional skills through various conventions and workshops. Their resumes are vast with all kinds of experience.  And most importantly they love to entertain and bring out the “kid” in everyone they meet.

Why is there such a wide variety of pricing for clown entertainers?  Pricing for clown entertainers involves the following things: skill/talent, location of the event, availability of the clown entertainer, reputation, resume and experience.


Average Clown Entertainer

can do balloons and face painting. They mainly work small events such as birthday parties for up to about 15- 30 children, but really are not the best for large crowds and shows

Better Clown Entertainer

can do all the above plus other skills such as magic, juggling, or a small show or routine for a bigger group

The Top Clown Entertainer

can do everything and provides higher end shows for various ages and crowds.  This is the premier entertainer with the big resume and loads of experience.  I call that an “All Arounder” clown entertainer – this clown is highly innovative, adaptable, and flexible to handle any changes at an event. They tend to be funnier and more memorable – this is the one clown you remember by name.


Above all you want a clown entertainer who shows up for your event, doesn’t cancel on you at the last minute and is truly entertaining.  So in essence you really get what you pay for….cheaper isn’t always better.  The truth is “the better the clown entertainer…the better the show.”  So if you are thinking about spending money on a clown entertainer, think of it as buying entertainment.  What is it worth when they are so many inexperienced clown entertainers on the market?  A professional clown entertainer is better dressed, prompt and ready to give you your monies worth.

You may still think a clown entertainer is expensive for the hour…however look at what they do to get ready for your event:

  • Book the event, map out  the event , and reconfirm with you (maybe several times)
  • Clean and prepare their props and costumes
  • Continually renew skills  or add new skills which take money and time to accomplish
  • Drive to and from your event
  • Maintain their vehicle
  • Maintain Clown insurance
  • Maintain clown supplies, i.e.: face painting supplies, balloons, business cards, coloring sheets, etc.
  • Maintain, repair and replace costumes, shoes  and make-up

In fact, it would cost you more to rent a costume and props than to bring in a clown entertainer for an event.  Clown entertainers make a living just like other people do.  To them it is a real job and full of hard work.  Some things seem like fun and games which is certainly involved; however it is still a full time job.  So the next time you hire a clown entertainer it is not just an hour…it is a lifetime of work.  The bottom line is that clown entertainers love what they do…but they still have to pay their bills like everyone else.

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