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If you’d rather keep things quiet – a mime is the obvious choice!  Their silent, make-believe world makes perfect entertainment without the obtrusion of sound – while capturing your guests’ attention and challenging their imaginations. 

All Occasion Performers offers you some ideas about mimes:

Our most popular mime entertainer is the Interactive Mime.  They are perfect for meeting and greeting guests, or guiding attendees to the appropriate areas at an event.  By the nature of “interactive”, this type of mime loves to mimic, pretend and generally get involved with the attendees.  They always do their “quiet” thing with taste and comfort for all guests.  These mimes are never rude or irritating.  All Occasion Performers mimes can also add juggling, balloon sculpting and stilt walking for extra variety. If you were thinking of a traditional French mime, then you might want to request our interactive mimes to dress the part with a bit of Old World romance, complete with striped shirt, beret and white face. 

Statue Mimes are the best choice for an accessory to a room – silent and so still, you don’t know if they are real or not.  This type of mime is more expensive and requires a wrangler to help dress them and keep folks from bothering them.  You must book them for minimum of 2 hours.

We do not offer mimes that do shows.

When you are ready to think about a silent entertainer for your next event, then give All Occasion Performers an opportunity to help make that happen.

To see more pictures of our mimes Click Here.


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