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Specialty Acts

Looking for that "something special" or "a little more" or "more unusual" entertainment experience? Well, All Occasion Performers has some choices for you:

  • Performing Monkey - now here is a little guy with his own show. He performs tricks, wears silly clothes and is very educational as well. His show is generally 30-45 minutes long dependent upon the number of children (or adults) and their ages. He is always a big hit at Day Care Events and Birthday Parties.

  • Piano Man - need a "one man" vaudeville show, sing along rock and roll show, or how about just some solo piano while you dine? We are glad he took his mother's advice to stick with the piano...he is definitely funny, talented and entertaining. Just think - all this rolled into one guy and he even brings his own keyboard.
  • Look A Likes - did anyone ever tell you that you look like......? We have several entertainers with that look alike fact they are so convincing, we are not always sure.....hummm, a definite fun person to invite to your party....some whispering might occur!

  • Singing Telegram - looking for something funny, sweet, showy or silly? We can accommodate you with our experienced singing improvisers who are always happy to joke around with a willing audience. They can sing traditional songs or custom write you a song just for your occasion. That sounds delightful - right?


Snake Encouters
  • Snake Encounters - Snake Encounters is a whirlwind ride through a dozen different live snakes from around the world, presented by Daryl Sprout, professional field herpetologist and and the world's only stand-up comic, snake handling magician. Highly educational, but the crowd has too much fun to notice.
  • The Spoon Lady - even though the kids call her "The Spoon Lady", that is not the only instrument this Children's musician sings with! The banjo, penny whistle and jaw harp are just a few of the specialty instruments she uses in her performances. This artist comes from Wisconsin and has been entertaining and educating children for over 20 years. She has had her own television show, has appeared on "Oprah" (playing her nose whistle) and performs regularly at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. So if you are looking for a fun musical event for all ages, themes and All Occasion Performers and inquire about "The Spoon Lady".
  • Miki the Performing Capuchin Monkey, age 15, is such a talented and social animal, and loved by everyone that meets him.

    He and his handler have a great bond that is visible when they are performing. He is an attention getter for sure!! He has been performed as a special attraction at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, and sold programs at the NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway. Large crowds, noise, and most diversions do not affect this little guy.

    People LOVE him, and request him over and over again!! Clients never tire of this entertaining simian, from small children to adults

    Miki is safe with children, and adults are amazed by his agility, talent, and humanlike characteristics.

    Miki and his handler are insured, and are licensed by USDA/Animal Welfare. This documentation can be supplied upon request.
  • Sword Swallower - This is a unique performance artist who specializes in the extremely dangerous and very narrow field of “cutting edge innertainment”- Sword Swallowing.

    After working several years in the music industry in Nashville Tennessee, Stockholm Sweden, and London England, he shifted his focus from the field of musical entertainment to variety entertainment as circus clown, juggler, stilt-walker, fire-eater, and eventually, the most dangerous of all performance arts - Sword Swallower!

    After being amazed while watching fire-eaters and sword swallowers, first at circus sideshows while growing up as a child in Indiana, and later witnessing Indian fakirs while serving as a missionary in India, he became passionate about learning the incredible feats himself.

    Hearing from a sword swallower in 1998 that there were “less than a dozen sword swallowers left around the world” led him on his quest to locate as many of the surviving sword swallowers as possible while mastering the 4,000-year-old art. After three years of research, study, and daily practice, he taught himself to swallow solid steel swords up to 30 inches long while networking the remaining sword swallowers into the Sword Swallowers Association International.

    A featured Ripley’s Believe It or Not performer and 3x Guinness World Record holder, he is recognized as one of the top performers of only a few dozen sword swallowers performing around the world today. He has performed on America’s Got Talent, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN Headline News, CNN Health, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health, Discovery Times, Discovery Int’l, Learning Channel, Travel Channel, Spike TV, USA Network, Food Network, CMT, MTV, ESPN, WGN, 20/20, 48 Hours, NPR, PBS, BBC World, CBC, CTV, ITV, NTV Russia, Alan Titchmarsh Show, Mancow, Newsweek, USA Today, NY Post, NY Times, London Times, National Geographic,Forbes, Nature Magazine, Guardian Magazine, Telegraph, British Medical Journal, Scientific American, Science Daily, Christian Activities, and hundreds of other radio, TV, magazine and newspaper interviews around the world. He has also performed on national tour with Brooks and Dunn’s Neon Circus, on international tour with the Celtic Christian band Ceili Rain, at Ripley’s Believe It or Not attractions, Ringling Brothers Circus, and at conventions, corporate events, colleges, universities, science and medical centers, churches, youth events, Upward Unlimited sports awards night programs, parks, fairs, festivals, and other events in 10 countries around the world.

    Despite a close call resulting in a near-fatal injury while swallowing 5 swords at once, he continues to amaze audiences with incredible feats. “I enjoy performing REAL feats that people think are impossible in order to demonstrate how incredible the human body really is…” he explains. To prove his point, he swallowed a 30 inch sword while submerged 20 feet underwater in a tank of 80 live sharks and stingrays for Ripley’s Believe It or Not, a feat witnessed by over 25 million viewers on over 400 TV stations around the world.

By the way, Tharpo is not doing his weight lifting act anymore...however, we thought you would enjoy the picture.

To see more pictures of our Specialty Acts Click Here.


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