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Listed below are all the different articles that have featured Tharpo and his performers in the past...If you would like to see more about Tharpo in the News, check out the NEWS gallery.
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"Barber of Seville"
  From MUM April 2008
"Coulrophobia: The Fear of Clowns"
  Audio interview with Jimmie R. Markham from If Dallas Were A Podcast
Listen to the podcast here
"Don't Be A Clown In The Kitchen"  
  From Daydots Food Safety Solutions Magazine: Tharpo shows you how not to run a food service kitchen!  
"Making smiles is all in a day's work for this clown"  
  From the Star-Telegram:
"One of the most versatile and high-energy entertainers in the Metroplex - Tharpo and his stilt jumping skills"
"Santa makes dramatic descent on ceremony"

  From the Star-Telegram:
"Tharpo the Elf entertains the children while waiting for Santa Claus"
"Keeping an eye on the knife, er, ball"
  From the Mid-Cities News:
"Tharpo teaches Shady Brook fifth graders the finer points of juggling. Featuring several of his greatest skills, Tharpo juggles three knives, while balancing on a rolla bola with a plate spinning from a stick in his mouth."
"And a big boo to you, too"
  From the Dallas Morning News:
Tharpo on stilts at the Dallas Zoo's "Boo At The Zoo" party.
"You name it - Tharpo can probably do it."
  From the Midland/Odessa Family
Tharpo is the ultimate all Arounder Clown Entertainer"
"Dickens of a Christmas"
  From the Dallas Morning News:
Tharpo the Elf at the "Dickens In The Park" celebration in Farmers Branch.
"Spirited Attire"
  Tharpo as Uncle Sam, juggling at Carrollton's Lake Highlands' Independence Day Parade.
"A stilted performance"
  From Metrocrest News:
Tharpo at Carrolton's Fourth of July celebrations
Who's the biggest Cowboys fan of all?
  "Tharpo the Cowboy Clown"

"Kazoo record broken by local clown"
Local clown BooCoos helps break world record in Kazoo playing @ Dallas Market Center

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